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How To Write A Professional CV OR Resume About Yourself

How to write a professional CV or resume about yourself.  How to write curriculum vitae (CV) for job application. CV is very important because initially you will be selected based on your CV, so the better the CV is written, the better the chances of you getting called for a job interview. Many people do not know how to write a CV for job application. With this article you will know how to write a professional CV. Below I will present the job CV format in a few ways, you can create your job CV according to the CV format you prefer.

Your curriculum vitae (CV) is the primary way of presenting yourself as a job seeker to a potential employer. But in many cases job seekers do not give importance to making their resume beautiful and correct. As a result, many eligible candidates do not get a call for Job Interview and are denied the opportunity to prove their eligibility.

What is Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Job?

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that contains a summary of your qualifications, experience, and skills as well as A CV includes your name, contact information, a personal statement and research interests. CVs are typically 2-3 pages, although some may be longer. It is usually required when applying for a job, and it is often used to screen applicants. A CV can be used to provide a potential employer with information about your qualifications and experience. It can also be used to identify your skills and strengths.

A guide to writing your first curriculum vitae (CV). This blog that provides tips that could help you structure your CV effectively.

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Factors To Keep in Mind Before Creating Your First CV 

1. An average employer spends no more than 30 seconds on a CV so it should be short the presentation of information, should be clear and unnecessary or less important information should be avoided.

2. The resume of an inexperienced/fresher candidate should not exceed one to two pages in any case.

3. Your resume is your way of marketing yourself So it must be interesting But don't use anything flashy like colored paper or colored ink To highlight something, you can make it bold, italic or underline

4. Remember, potential employers will have a negative impression of you if there are any spelling mistakes or linguistic/grammatical mistakes in your resume. It will reveal that you are not able to do any work accurately so after making a CV read it yourself and show it to someone who knows pure English

5. When you send your resume to apply against a specific job announcement, try to customize your CV. For this, it is necessary to read the job notification well and do some research about the organization For example, if you know that the recruiting firm can hire anywhere in your country, you can mention in your CV that you have previously stayed somewhere in your Country. Or if a recruiting firm is looking for someone to play the role of an 'organizer', in that case your CV will have a different value to the recruiter if you mention an organizer role in your student life.

6. It is very important that you give correct information in your CV Do not provide any information that may prove false in your job interview.

Different Parts of a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The information you should present in a curriculum vitae (CV) is--

* Title

* Career Summary > More required for those with experience

* Career objective > highly required for newly passed job candidates

* Job experience

* Educational qualification

* Training

* Additional Information

* Personal Information

* Reference



Your full name should be at the beginning of the resume It should be bold and should be written in a slightly larger font (avoid nicknames). Then It will be after that your address (the current address where you will receive a letter), phone number and e-mail address. This section will be centered at the top of the page, so that it is the first to be seen

Career Summary

It is more applicable for those persons who have more than 4-5 years of work experience In this section you should mention your previous work experience in maximum 6-7 lines Briefly highlight your previous achievements (if any).

Career Objective

It is more applicable for newly passed job candidates or less experienced (1/2 year) job candidates. In this part, you mention your immediate goal in the field of employment and present your qualifications in terms of how they can meet the needs of the advertised job or the organization you are applying for. Briefly mention the positive characteristics suitable for the job. It is important to write Career Objective in accordance with the job notification or the company's needs Focus on what you can give the company, not what you expect from the company.

Work Experience

For experienced professionals this section should come before educational qualification. In case of fresh pass or less experience educational qualification should come first and then experience.

The information to be mentioned for each of your previous experiences is,                                  

* Organization name

* Designation

* Time period- From & To

* Job responsibility

* Special achievement

If you have worked in different positions in the same organization at different times, mention it separately.

The most important thing is that you mention your most recent experience first then mention the experiences one by one in Resume Chronological Order which will end with your first experience.

It is better not to mention your less important or short term experience But keep in mind that there should not be too much time gap in your list of experience.

Educational Qualification

In the Education section you will mention the name of your degrees and the following information.

* Name of Degree (Such as SSC, HSC, B.Com, MBA)

* Course duration (from when to when)

* Name of Educational Institution and Board

* Year of examination and time of publication of results if required

* Result and if there is significant achievement (Such as, place in merit list) it should be mentioned

As with Experience, you'll list your most recent degree first, followed by the rest in sequence.

Note that if the final result of any of your degrees is not published yet, mention 'Appeared' in brackets while referring to that degree. Mention 'Ongoing' if you are studying any course, if your result is very bad in any degree then there is no need to mention any result. Note that mentioning one degree result and not the other is conspicuous.


Mention if you have attended any special training and if you consider it helpful to your job qualification In that case, the trainer should mention the name of the institute, topics, time duration of the institute

You can give the list of training below the Education section

Additional Information

Describe in this section any information that does not fall into the above mentioned sections but is related to the job

* Professional Achievement

* Award

* Language skills

* Computer skills

* Licenses, government identification, published writings and copyrights

* Voluntary activities etc.

Personal Information

In this section parents, present/permanent address, religion, countries you have traveled to, hobbies etc. can be mentioned here.


Note that you should not mention the names of your close relatives in the reference section you will refer to the person who has seen you closely during your student life or professional life as a reference. Of course, mention the phone number, address and e-mail (if any) of those to whom you will give reference. Usually it is better to mention the names of maximum 2-3 people as reference but the most important thing to take care of is that you have to inform all the people whom you mentioned as reference in advance that you have mentioned them as reference in your resume (CV).


Professional Experience CV Template Examples

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